Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Treaty: Update on Drawing


Construction phases are represented by the different colors, darkest being the earliest phase.
The removed trees are marked codes and left as dashed circles. The replanted trees are represented with solid circles with their own individual codes.

The over all looks when The Treaty becomes an active memorial apple tree orchard.

3: The Signature
showing the sequence of the treaty signing ceremony

1: The Direct Talk
showing the roof structure when in use of political debate

showing the space usages of Muslim prayers and visitors and gardeners of The Treaty
Also the differences of current recreational space before and after

2: The Direct Talk
showing the atmosphere from the inside of The Direct Talk

3: The Signature
showing authority versus the audience

Maize Updates: Perspective Views and Renders

These are the initial renderings that will be applied in the booklet showing the market and motifs.

Overall Perspective View of the Project: Ritual, Silos, Motif Walkway

 The Corn Silos and the Cornfield Column
The Production Housing Perspective: Cornfield at the Back, Motifs in Front

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Design development: Planing, Floating Platforms, Roots forming, and Kapok Tree Sizes and tree render test

Perspective Plan of Developing site

 Lines drawing of Module Mark-II (from a page of personal booklet)

Tree Render Test


      Plate Sizes

     Root Forming

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vitis Vinifera Drawing (Draft)

P.S. Still working on the isometric zoom in (Tasting Room),, soon will working on with the site and landscape of grapevine.

Drawing Arrangement for Pin-up and Test renderings

Saturday, April 26, 2014

olive energy-generating village: developing plan/section/iso/render

Three selected point of view

Looking from an olive factory building toward the consumption space.

Looking from the olive grove through the heliostat structure.

Looking into an olive factory building.