Monday, May 5, 2014

Olive energy-generating village

Vitis Vinifera

The Life in Kapok village

Exploring the Function of space
Perspective Plan

Module Mark-II (after 35 years)

Spaces Embraced by the Kapok

Livable Space in Complexity

Control roots to form paths

Vi4 Final Review

Dear World
The fourth chapter of Visceral Intricacy is drawing to a spectacular close.
This Thursday the 8th of May Visceral Intricacy will host renowned guests for our final review at the Makkasan Airport link terminal in Bangkok Thailand.

Tina Tomthong Rungsawang. The Psychoactive-Chocolate Retreat
Special guests
​Jack Pitupong Chaowakul​. Supermachine Studio
​Tom Dannecker. ThingsMatter

Lara Lesmes. Space Popular
David Mayer. WhiteSpace

What is Visceral Intricacy and Vi4 all about?
​Visceral Intricacy is a studio of research and innovative architectural design that seek new experientially driven design methods for the 21st century. We have searched in vast artificial environments underground (Vi1), in publicly performed religious ceremonies
(Vi2), in virtual prosthetic's of ancient ruins (Vi3), and now. In flowers...

The members of Vi4 have this term been exploring the visceral and intricate world of plants and humans past, present and future potential symbiosis with them. The challenge is to create a place where a specific plant can be grown, processed and consumed in an holistic composition of carefully crafted experiences.

Nuknik Thanaporn Lam. Tianguis of the Maize.

Nuknik Thanaporn Lam. Tianguis of the Maize.
Links to Members work

The Psychoactive-Chocolate Mental Retreat: final design presentation

The Psychoactive-Chocolate Mental Retreat is an exclusive therapeutic facility situated in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, just off the edges of Iquitos, Peru. This facility is to heal mentally and emotionally traumatised patients from all over the world with the use of edible substances to alter the state of mind. Just as casual stimulants consumed daily by the general public (coffee, sugar, tea) have effects on our brains and bodies, psychedelic substances mixed with chocolate will be the main tool in healing the patients. The retreat provides spaces for patients to heal and recover through different activities that are essential to the infrastructure itself, including Theobromine cacao and psychoactive gardens, a chocolate factory, therapeutic ceremonial rooms with professional Amazonian shamans and living units for long-term stay. It also consists of a laboratory for scientists to carry out researches on the psychoactive plants within the Amazon and for all patients to study and understand the process they are going through.

Theobromine Cacao 

Plantigation of the Cacao and Chocolate

Master Isometric drawing of the Psychoactive-Chocolate Mental Retreat in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest

Site Plan Drawing
Section Drawing

Detailed Exploded Isometric Drawing

Exterior day time view
View of the cacao plantation walkway
Interior view of the Ayahuasca Ceremonial Therapeutic room

Exterior night time view

Plants of the Psychoactive Garden